It’s all about coherence and adaptive capacity

Today I attended a design review for students who had the assignment to link resilience into designs for a city neighborhood  facing new transit oriented redevelopment.  While their understanding of resilience concepts was mixed, I found that their use of resilience applied across a range of solutions created some synergy that might otherwise have been just a divergent collection of design ideas.

First, I was reminded of Nikos Salingaros discussion in his podcast on the need to design for coherence  where complementary but different functions create a whole experience of emergence that exceeds the mere sum of the parts.

And then I kept thinking about an exchange with Mike Jones in his podcast where he says that resilience is the tool to enhance our capacity to adapt to change.

So that means that as designers our job is to create something more than the sum of the parts and to do it in a way that enhances our capacity to adapt to change.

Simple when you put it that way!

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