A love letter to the future

We used to think that change was slow.  Perhaps it was in the misty past. But there is no doubt now that change is accelerating – in technology, in human culture, and in natural systems.

This project is about resilience.  The challenge is that resilience thinking is different than business as usual.  It requires understanding how change happens in nature and then applying those insights to how we humans manage change.  And it requires going against the grain of a planetary mindset that propels us forward.

So welcome to the podcasts and blog Resilience 2100: Tools for navigating change in the 21st century.  You’ll hear from experts in resilience who will inform and engage you.  They may challenge you and they definitely will inspire you.

“The world view of nature and society as system near equilibrium is being replaced by a dynamic view, which emphasizes complex non-linear relations between entities under continuous change and facing discontinuities and uncertainty from suites of synergistic stresses and shocks.” — Carl Folke, 2002

sea mountain fractal from Morro Bay California

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