Mike Jones on socio-ecological resilience

Mike Jones is the first guest of the Resilience 2100 podcast.  He talks with host Steve Moddemeyer on the practice and implications of socio-ecological resilience thinking.  Mike works at the Swedish Biodiversity Centre in Uppsala, Sweden and is Resilience Theme Lead for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.  Mike’s background as an ecologist and wildlife expert in Zimbabwe and decades of work on community based natural resource management makes him an excellent resource for effective strategies for collaboration between scientists, management professionals, government agencies, politicians, businesses and rural communities.

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Nikos Salingaros on ancient resilience, emergence, and robots

Nikos Salingaros is considered one of the top urban thinkers of all time. Host Steve Moddemeyer and Nikos talk about how ancient cities had to be energy efficient, livable and resilient. Design patterns found in ancient cities can be used to design new cities and new development as we adapt to climate change, sea level rise and new technologies in the 21st century.
Listen to our discussion with Nikos Salingaros here.

Arrietta Chakos: Children and schools as the gateway to resilience

Arrietta Chakos has been a driving force to help the San Francisco Bay Area to be more resilient. She started asking questions after the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 and the answers and her response launched a career that even today continues to shape resilience thinking not only in California but across America.
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